Car brakes systems come in several forms. Brakes are so obviously essential to a car’s operation that they need no explanation; the consequences of faulty brakes are obvious. We make sure your brakes function perfectly.

Your braking system is complex and needs professional maintenance. As well as the pads that physically contact the wheel system in disc and drum brakes there are hydraulic and electrical aspects to look after. A shortcoming in any one of these could cause intermittent braking, which will never occur at a good time.

Bring in your brakes for inspection and repair at the first sign of:

  • Spongy brake pedal
  • Grinding sounds when activated
  • Squealing sounds
  • Vehicle pulling to one side
  • Brake light staying either permanently on or off, or simply behaving differently
  • The brake pedal requiring more pressure than it previously did


Batteries are mostly there to get you vehicle started. But a vehicle that does not start is of no use. A health battery is essential for a functional car. The right type of battery is just as important.

If your car battery runs hot, shows signs of swelling, or if the vehicle has trouble starting, then a replacement battery is almost certainly needed. Generic batteries are available, but we recommend the model specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Cars that run air conditioning or other high power electrical needs will require a more powerful battery than some other cars; manufacturers are aware of the vehicle’s power requirements. If you intend to start your car after running summer air conditioning, or if starting it difficult on occasions, you may need to talk to us about a more powerful battery.

As much of a modern car’s inner workings are electrical there is more to replacing the battery than simply inserting a fresh unit. Stereos often require an activation code, and other systems may need resetting. Being familiar with their operation we can ensure that your car’s electrical system is reactivated after each battery replacement.

Batteries are part of the compete car system. If battery life is poor there may be a fault somewhere else in the electrical system of the vehicle. We can both replace the battery and ensure that the underlying cause is rectified.

Suspension and Shocks

Suspension systems do more than smooth you ride. The suspension system maximises the contact and friction between the car’s wheel and the road. Compromised suspension means compromised handling and stability, which is a serious safety risk. Good suspensions means a well behaved car, the smooth side is just a bonus.

Bring your car in for inspection and repair at the first sign of:

  • Excessive rolling when turning, especially on tight corners
  • Bouncing when driving
  • Poor handling
  • The car does not sit level when stationary

General Mechanical Repairs

There are a lot of interacting parts on a car. Any issue with one of these parts affects the operation of the car, compromising performance and lifespan. One advantage of bringing your vehicle to us is that we cover every aspect of car repair; there are no issues with miscommunications or other companies responsibilities; we repair every part of your vehicle, and fulfil all log book and manufacturer’s requirements.

A well maintained vehicle is efficient, reliable and costs less in the long term. And when logbook procedure is followed the manufacture’s warrantee is retained. Our quality car servicing is in your best interests.