Full servicing

There is no reason to compromise on a car’s performance and maintenance. Any compromise with service will end up costing money through ongoing wear. A car is a complex and interconnected system. If any part of the system is not performing to specification then other parts, perhaps every part, is affected in some way. At Auto Tyre Centre we service very aspect of your car. We believe in offering a complete service approach so that no possibility of compromise is possible. Having one organization is both convenient and beneficial; there is never any chance of communication error or responsibility falling on another party; we look after everything in your vehicle for front to back.

Log Book Servicing

This is a comprehensive service that simply keeps track of the work done on your car. The log book show the manufacturer that the vehicle was serviced qualified staff, serviced to the manufacturer’s specifications, used appropriate quality parts and has been bought in for regular maintenance. Correctly log book servicing your car will maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

Log book servicing shows that:

  • Serviced by qualified mechanical staff.
  • Serviced to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Used appropriate parts and materials.
  • Has been bought is for maintenance on a regular schedule.

Registration and Inspection

Simply the matter of certify that your car is up to standard. We work to make sure your vehicle is fully functional; let your vehicle pass registration with flying colours.